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There is one class of membership with one designated member per household.  The legal spouse of a member is entitled to full club privileges and can serve on the Board of Directors or hold office.  The affairs of the Club are managed by a nine member Board of Directors with officers of President and Secretary-Treasurer.  For details on the Club organization see the L'Arbre Croche Club By-Laws.

Ownership of property in the L'Arbre Croche Development is a prerequisite to becoming eligible for membership in the Club.  Applications for membership are acted on by the Board and must be accompanied by the written sponsorship of two members plus letters of recommendation from five additional members.  For details on membership requirements and application procedures, please call use the contact us form, or all our office at 231-347-4341.

In regards to membership, there is a one time, non-refundable initiation fee of $7,500 due upon application and acceptance to the Club.  Club dues are $2,740 per year, billed quarterly. Every residence in the L'Arbre Croche Development is charged for water ($320 per year) rubbish ($132 per year) and road maintenance ($500 per year).

Condominium owners also incur costs associated with maintaining, lighting and insuring the condominium common areas.